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UK Forum; UK Tiling Forum for the Best UK Tilers

So, this post is about UK Tiling Forum. This is going to be access-only the best UK Tilers from across the land, all countries in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. All in one UK Tiling Forum.

Finding Tiling Advice can be tough no matter where in the UK you are but we have you covered here at

The obvious domain for a UK tile forum. Not the .com you silly numpties. When I have a bit of time for this you’re going to be 8th for your own name. And it gets nearly no traffic so much so it doesn’t activate the mapei advertisement on

Why you never added the £2.25 domain to your basket I could only guess. Long day? Complete lack of experience and your idea got done. It’s the big orange and blue one.

And not opting for white bg and #000000 for text. Umpteen studies been done. Other than menus it’s white bg.

Anyway I’m giving too much away. Business as usual tomorrow.

UK Tiling Forum Future Page Background for Homepage

We have each Country’s tiling, bathroom, and kitchen related building regulations covered individually, too. With Wales, England, Northern Ireland (and a section for our friends in Republic of Ireland), and of course Scotland and Scottish Tilers Forums

What does this mean? Can tilers who aren’t from the United Kingdom visit this website? Can tilers who are from the United Kingdom not tile walls and floors overseas?

United Kingdom Tilers and Tile Suppliers, what do they know? Do they know things? Let’s find out!

Hollywoo Stars and Celebrities, what do they know, do they know things? let’s find out. (Quote from a Netflix series you must watch!)

United Kingdom

Wikipedia › wiki › United_Kingdom

It comprises England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. … It includes the island of Great Britain, the north-eastern part of the island of Ireland, and …

Countries of the United · ‎England · ‎Great Britain and Ireland · ‎Scotland

UK Tiling Forum
Welcome to UK Tiling Forum

Welcome to the UK Tiling Forum. The newest wall and floor tiling forum online. We’re here to help professional and DIY wall and floor tilers. Free information related to all aspects of wall and floor tiling.

Our UK Tiling Forum Since April 2006

Including (but not limited to):

  • Bathroom Tiling
  • Kitchen Tiling
  • Shower-room Tiling
  • Installing Electric Underfloor Heating
  • Tiling Over Electric Underfloor Heating
  • Which Tiling Tools to Use When Tiling
  • Floor Tiling Advice
  • Wall Tiling Advice
  • Swimming Pool Repairs
  • Swimming Pool Tiling
  • Geometric Tiling
  • Restoring Geometric Floor Tiles
UK Tiling Forum
UK Tiling Forum

Free Tiling Advice on the UK Tiling Forum – Pro and DIY Advice

There are a few tiling forums online now, we’ll list a few in another blog post that we’ll knock up soon. But for now we thought we’d just quickly get this one done and online so you can all find out what’s going on.

Elite Member Tag

Some time ago, had lots of regular members posting to the forum. They had a tag called ‘Elite Member’ at first, though the name didn’t stick it seemed to elitist by the very nature. So the title and tag was changed, to Trusted Advisor.

That was all well and good but the process to get your own account marked as a trusted advisor was wrong. Now we see it was wrong. Or at least we who own it and run such forums do.

The Hidden Trusted Advisor Forum

There was also a hidden forum. Not just the TilersForums Arms which was our out of public view forum, so that tilers could chat about their day and their problematic customers or suppliers without the risk of the customer or tile shop owner reading what they’re putting.

This was an ‘Elite Member Forum’ – Which changed to Trusted Advisors Forum. A lot better. But it still caused issues that the members didn’t mind, or at least those who had the tag and were in that area of the forum, they didn’t mind having it.

How People Became Trusted Advisors

It wasn’t so bad at first, we’d often let the members who already had the trusted advisor tag to post a new thread in the hidden trusted advisors forum and simply say ‘This new guy is posting good and knows his stuff, should we let him be one of us’. A lot of the time it was a yes. But sometimes it was a no. Then a year would pass, the person posted a lot more and posted well with good advice, and they’d then go up for another vote, and they’d get in. But they’d see all the people who said now a year earlier.

And a problem with this is if a trusted advisor fell out with another member, they’d run a political campaign via the forum to ensure their mates all voted no when a certain member was put forward.

So you’re either in with the trusted advisors, and get in easy. Or you are not and never do.

We even had forum staff adding their friends who are tile suppliers on the forum adding them to the TilersForums Arms, which is a massive no no. But just because one is a mate of the member of staff on the forum they let him in.

Then another time I was asked by an existing member of staff if his mate he had been working with could come on the forum and be a mod. “He’ll be a brilliant moderator on the forum”. My reply was obviously simple “He hasn’t posted on the forum for 2 years mate, he’s not even a good forum member let alone a moderator”. So the member of staff then got the hump.

It’s these types of things that screw a forum up. Not the owner of it tidying up the place and getting rid of cliques. Sure, there’s a lull. Covid hasn’t helped. People aren’t having as many bathrooms done or are doing it themselves rather than having workmen in. So it’s not easy right now to grow a new community, or rework an old one.

But we’ve been online for a very very long time and we’re not going anywhere. And we don’t want people on the forum who are going to start getting into cliques and the likes again.

And we’re not joining other forums who already have cliques and lots of backhanders going on. The advice then becomes biased towards all the brands they’re pushing on the UK Tiling Forum and it becomes a big mess of lies and nobody knows who to believe.

There was even a member who got some genuine bad feedback on facebook from a customer. So they all got together and left reviews (as tilers logged into their normal accounts so definitely not customers) and voted the guy 5 stars each so his average came up.

That is outright fibbing yourself let alone fibbing to others. If you’ve got genuine bad feedback mate, you’re not a good tiler. Hang up the tools or go get some training lol.

There are dozens of instances like this and we’ll dig into them all and start getting some names online in these posts here when I have a bit more time.

You have to realise that I run automotive industry forums that are all doing well, no cliques at all. All friendly places to visit. Then other construction industry forums such as Electricians Forum and Plumbers Forum (and too).

About 14 forums I have online now. So this tiling one is only about 10% of our work. And when it’s not pleasurable to visit even as staff, I tend to shy away and go crack on with something else. Or go mess with my cars and go on a track day or off-roading or something. #NoTimeForMessinAround

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Other Tiling Forum
Why do we have this other forum?

Free tiling advice can be found online via a few vehicles. One being the UK’s largest wall and floor tiling advice website, The other being Facebook groups, and twitter hashtags for tiling stuff.

But then every couple of years a member on the forum gets miffed with another one, deletes their account, regrets it, gets his balls out and says he can do that.

Then they go and get some shyte software and try to start run their own tiling forum.

This immediately attracts all the dickheads that we’ve banned from our forum over the years. And the no-posters who were doing a protest only they knew about by not posting to the forum. Or threatened to not post to the forum unless they got their thousands of posts back or had a go at a woman like a little like a weak person.

The list goes on.

But they’re not people we would be dealing with ever again. Not one of them posted well to the forum in the last couple of years so we need to get through this cull then a small lull and then get cracking on with the forum again properly.

I’m too busy myself with other forums. Working ones. Awesome fun ones to post on. So I’m not going to hang around on ones that has members still on it that aren’t posting.

I’ll spend a bit of time early next year clearing out some accounts then we’ll start using the members who are registering every day, find the few good tilers amongst them, and give them some incentives to use the forum and get it going again.

Will dedicate some time to it soon. Watch this space.