Okay, so the “UK Tiling Forum” that you all know of is probably the one created recently by Andy’s Tyle Tiling. Or something like that. Maybe Andy Style Tiling? Either way, not grammatically correct. But who are we to talk eh?

UK Tiling Forum here, our UK Tiling Forum, is the one you’ll be checking out with news and advice related to ALL Tiling Forums in the UK. Which include, but are not limited to:-

Who Runs The Tiling Forums and Tile Advice Websites? – More importantly, why, why do they run them?

Let’s find out who runs which UK tiling forum.

Which UK Tiling Forum is owned by Which Collective of Wall and Floor Tilers?

Tilers Forums. Currently TilersForums.com, though was rocking TilersForums.co.uk since 2005. Been online wrecking the stats in all areas since then. Has had 3 maybe 4 forums setup in competition over the years, and has hammered every single one in every since stat.

UK Tiling Forum. |Right now it’s on UKTilingForum.com. Since 2020. So very very new. And has around 400 “members” actual members around 27 so far. Right now, this ‘appears’ busy. But it’s going though that phase when it appeals as a new forum.

All other sources of tile information can be found here. Thos include tile outlets with good websites and advice on them. But some tilers own websites have good advice on them too. So we’ll list those here too.