Why do we have this other forum?

Free tiling advice can be found online via a few vehicles. One being the UK’s largest wall and floor tiling advice website, TilersForums.co.uk. The other being Facebook groups, and twitter hashtags for tiling stuff.

But then every couple of years a member on the forum gets miffed with another one, deletes their account, regrets it, gets his balls out and says he can do that.

Then they go and get some shyte software and try to start run their own tiling forum.

This immediately attracts all the dickheads that we’ve banned from our forum over the years. And the no-posters who were doing a protest only they knew about by not posting to the forum. Or threatened to not post to the forum unless they got their thousands of posts back or had a go at a woman like a little like a weak person.

The list goes on.

But they’re not people we would be dealing with ever again. Not one of them posted well to the forum in the last couple of years so we need to get through this cull then a small lull and then get cracking on with the forum again properly.

I’m too busy myself with other forums. Working ones. Awesome fun ones to post on. So I’m not going to hang around on ones that has members still on it that aren’t posting.

I’ll spend a bit of time early next year clearing out some accounts then we’ll start using the members who are registering every day, find the few good tilers amongst them, and give them some incentives to use the forum and get it going again.

Will dedicate some time to it soon. Watch this space.