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AndysTileTiling; Our UK Tiling Forum was launched in 2006 and has 5,700 members, and over 1 million posts. We have the most free tiling and tile advice online. Advice on tiling to walls, advice on tiling to floors. Tiling Tips, Tiling Videos, How to Tile Walls and How to Tile Floors. All undertaken at our UK Tiling Forum.

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A list of good tilers in Burnley and surrounding areas.

Free Rated Traders

A new website we're working on. It's still in beta at the moment so not fully operational. But it does work. We need more tradespeople to add listings for us to get it working better.

Find Local Tilers

Find tilers that are local to you for free. But also, if you're a local tiler, register for free too! It's free. Did we mention that?

Free Tiling Advice and Tiling Tips

Professional Tiling Advice Tiling AdviceTiling Advice

Professional Free Tiling Advice and Tiling Tips from thousands of professional wall and floor tilers from all areas of the tile industry in the UK. Although we are primarily a UK Tiling Forum, we do have lots of members from overseas. Spain, Italy, France and other European Countries. But also America, Mexico, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and even some tilers from the African Continent.

Find a Tiler on UK Tiling Forum

Find For Free a Wall and Floor Tiler Wall and Floor TilerWall and Floor Tiler

You can find a professional wall and floor tiler for free on our UK Tiling Forum. We have service areas where you can post jobs. But we also have 5,700 professional tilers with profiles on the actual forum its self. You can search through the posts made by the tilers to see which ones are providing the good advice therefore are doing the best work. Find a professional wall and floor tiler for free, get a quote for free, and get three of them for free. Then choose the tiler that\'s right for you and your tiling needs.

Use Your Mobile to Find a Tiler

You can do all the following via your mobile, tablet, laptop, PC - all using our free web app. Get notifications instantly from the UK Tiling Forum whether you're still browsing the forum or not.

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Get a Free Tiling Quote

Post your job to the UK Tiling Forum and you can let all the tilers get back to you. Then do your research on them via searching for past jobs they've done on the forum.

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Find a Local Tiler to Your

With 5,700 tilers across the UK you will find three tilers local to you easily. Make sure you get three tilers come and estimate for the work you need doing. You want them to mention products they will use and tile fixing methods.

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Get Three Tiling Quotes

Always get three tiling quotes from three local tilers that come highly recommended on the UK Tiling Forum. You won't need to pay for this like on CheckaBuilder and MyTiler type vetting websites which charge.

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Read Reviews and Research Their Posts

Read through the forum to find reviews and research their threads on the forum. All tilers would have posted advice to other tilers on the UK Tiling Forum.

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Have Your Tiling Unique To You

Your Tiling should be unique to you and you only. Checkout the tilers previous work and let them suggest some options to make your tiling unique.

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Find Tilers Quickly Via UK Tiling Forum

Awesome Find a Tiler Service Find a Tiler ServiceFind a Tiler Service

Awesome Find a Tiler Service on - The UK\'s Tiling Forum and Community Website. Primarily for UK Tiling Advice (that free, with tiling tips too) but also for Overseas Tiling Forum too. Tiling Videos, Tilers Resources and Uploads. Tilers Downloads. Tile Layout Maker and Tile Quantity Planner. All on the forum, all for free.

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The team behind our forum include tile shop owners, TTA members, professional wall and floor tilers, DIY tilers, underfloor heating suppliers and more.

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Some UK Tiling Forum Feedback

Outstanding Testimonials TestimonialsTestimonials

The following have been sent to us via our feedback and reviews section. We\'ll be opening this out to other tilers in the future. Some of these are from customers of tilers, some from tilers, some from tile suppliers who have helped us out.

Use our uk tiling forum to find solutions to your tiling needs, at no cost to yourself or your tiler.

We run this UK Tiling Forum for free. We do not charge anybody a sausage to be part of it. Whether you are a tiler, tile shop owner, adhesive rep, or anybody else.

UK Tiling Blog

Find our AwesomeUK Tiling Blog UK Tiling BlogUK Tiling Blog

Our UK Tiling Blog is part of our UK Tiling Community Forum. Please feel free to come and be a guest poster on our blog. If you have anything you\'d like to come and add to our blog, as long as you run a tile-related website with a blog that we can post on in return, then get in touch. [email protected].

Other Tiling Forum
Why do we have this other forum?

Free tiling advice can be found online via a few vehicles. One being the UK’s largest wall and floor tiling advice website, The other being Facebook groups, and twitter hashtags for tiling stuff.

But then every couple of years a member on the forum gets miffed with another one, deletes their account, regrets it, gets his balls out and says he can do that.

Then they go and get some shyte software and try to start run their own tiling forum.

This immediately attracts all the dickheads that we’ve banned from our forum over the years. And the no-posters who were doing a protest only they knew about by not posting to the forum. Or threatened to not post to the forum unless they got their thousands of posts back or had a go at a woman like a little like a weak person.

The list goes on.

But they’re not people we would be dealing with ever again. Not one of them posted well to the forum in the last couple of years so we need to get through this cull then a small lull and then get cracking on with the forum again properly.

I’m too busy myself with other forums. Working ones. Awesome fun ones to post on. So I’m not going to hang around on ones that has members still on it that aren’t posting.

I’ll spend a bit of time early next year clearing out some accounts then we’ll start using the members who are registering every day, find the few good tilers amongst them, and give them some incentives to use the forum and get it going again.

Will dedicate some time to it soon. Watch this space.